What is AARP Auto Insurance ? Check out the explanation

What is AARP Auto Insurance ?  Check out the explanation – The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is a membership-based organization for those over the age of 50. This organization offers several benefits for its members, including auto insurance coverage, which is offered through Hartford.

What Is AARP Auto Insurance?

AARP members who are over the age of 50 can qualify for discounted auto insurance coverage offered by The Hartford.

What Are the Different Discounts and Coverage Options for AAAP Insurance Members?

The auto insurance policies offered to AARP members by The Hartford may include several key coverage options, such as:

  1. New car replacement: This benefit covers the cost of a new vehicle totaled within the first 15 months of 15,000 miles of purchase. The coverage includes a replacement vehicle of the same make and model.
  2. RecoverCare: A unique benefit that pays up to $2500 if you are injured in an automotive accident., The funds paid out can be used to cover cleaning, cooking, transportation, and other needs that may arise if you are injured and need care.
  3. First accident forgiveness: Premiums do not increase after the first accident with this benefit in place. Other insurance providers may refer to this as Accident Forgiveness.
  4. One deductible: If you have two vehicles on your auto insurance policy and both are involved in collisions, you can use this benefit to pay only one deductible rather than paying the full amount twice, once for each vehicle.
  5. Disappearing deductible: For every year that you don’t have a collision, your policy deductible will decrease. This benefit is available through various insurance providers in addition to The Hartford.
  6. $100 deductible reduction: If you are involved in a collision and have your vehicle repaired at one of the shops authorized by The Hartford, the company will reduce the deductible amount you have to pay by $100.
  7. Driver safety program: Available in 35 states, this optional safety program involves completing an approved driving safety course. The course may be available online, depending on where you live. The discount amount for completing the course varies.
  8. Lifetime renewability: After obtaining coverage through Hartford, you cannot be denied coverage as long as you pay your premiums and hold a valid driver’s license. This benefit allows policyholders to renew their coverage for as long as they would like. Note: Lifetime renewability is not available in every state.
  9. Lifetime car repair assurance: When your vehicle requires repairs following a collision, you can qualify for a lifetime guarantee of the repair if you use one of the more than 1600 repair shops authorized by The Hartford. If your vehicle is under a lease agreement, the guarantee is valid through the end of the term.

Although the discounts available through AARP are available through other providers, those who qualify can save more on the slightly higher premiums reported on The Hartford policies. Some of the additional discount options available include:

  • Airbag installation: 10 – 20 percent discount.
  • Anti-theft devices: 5 – 15 percent discount.
  • Anti-lock braking system: 5 percent discount.
  • Multi-vehicle policy: 20 percent discount.
  • Multi-policy credit: 7 – 16 percent discount.
  • Persistency credit: 2 – 8 percent discount.

AARP policies do not include specific discounts for coverage on new or hybrid vehicles.

What Are the Levels of Coverage Offered by AARP Auto Insurance?

The Hartford policies available to AARP members include two main coverage levels, known as Advantage and Advantage Plus. Both policies offer multiple coverage options, such as:

  • Collision.
  • Liability (includes property damage and bodily injury).
  • Comprehensive.
  • Medical.
  • Uninsured/uninsured motorist.
  • Personal injury protection.

NerdWallet reports that the Advantage level of coverage includes:

  • Legal representation following an accident.
  • 24-hour roadside assistance.
  • Customer repair service program (guaranteed for the life of the vehicle).
  • Windshield repair service with no required deductible.

With the Advantage Plus coverage level, additional benefits include:

  • One deductible.
  • Disappearing collision deductible.
  • Customer repair service program (guaranteed for the life of the vehicle) and available $100 annual collision deductible reduction.
  • Coverage for emergency expenses.
  • Accident forgiveness.
  • Deductible waiver.

What Is the AARP?

AARP was founded in 1958 and strives to address the interests and needs of people across the U.S. who are middle-aged and seniors. According to information presented by Motor1 and U.S. Insurance Agents, those who are 50 years and older can join, whether they are retired or still in the workforce. AARP has more than 38 million members spread throughout the U.S.

How to Save Money with AARP Insurance

If you want to save money on your insurance needs, utilizing The Hartford policies offered to AARP members can qualify you for discounts. For example, if you bundle your auto insurance and homeowner’s insurance policy, you can qualify for a discount of up to 20 percent. Since AARP members are older, they have more driving experience so they qualify for savings on their auto insurance. Additional discount options include:

  • Make your annual payment in full.
  • Have any vehicle anti-theft devices installed.

If you have younger drivers on your policy, they can take an approved defensive driving course and qualify for an additional discount.

Why Is Having Car Insurance Necessary for Seniors?

Every driver must have sufficient auto insurance that covers their vehicle and any injuries incurred in a collision. AARP offers vehicle insurance options that older drivers can qualify for and save on, helping to fit their often-limited budgets.

Why Is AARP Auto Insurance the Best Choice of Car Insurance for Seniors?

According to Value Penguin, the auto insurance policies offered to AARP members include accommodations designed for the needs of older people and senior citizens. For example, if a senior was injured in a vehicle accident, they may not have the disposable income to pay for necessary in-home services, such as housecleaning or grocery shopping, that they would need while recovering from their injuries. AARP’s coverage options include RecoverCare coverage, which is designed for that particular need.

AARP auto insurance policies also have 12-month fixed costs, which means the price won’t change during that period. Seniors who are on a fixed income can better plan for their upcoming expenses and manage their income and costs. The cost is also more affordable than other auto insurance policies. The Zebra reports an average cost of $1332 for a 12-month policy, which breaks out to approximately $111 per month.

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