What Are Insurance Premiums ? Know the Types and Purposes of Insurance Premiums

Have you heard of insurance premiums? If
so, surely you are also one of the people who have made types of investments
such as insurance and understand its usefulness. Meanwhile, in the insurance
process itself, there is such a thing as insurance premiums, where the two
parts are tied to each other and cannot be separated.

Definition of Insurance Premiums and Their
Types That You Must Know

Insurance premiums are dependent costs that
are your obligations and must be paid in accordance with a predetermined period
of time. In general, this payment is made every month, but it depends on the
agreed maturity. Well, after knowing the meaning, you must also understand the
types of premiums as below.

1. Personal accident insurance premiums

Personal accident insurance premiums are
costs that must be paid in order to get coverage that covers all the risks that
can happen to you at any time due to an accident. This is a type of investment
that is very beneficial for the community, considering that many of them often
leave the house in vehicles.

There are 2 types of insurance, namely
vacation insurance that can guarantee you during your vacation and motorcycle
accident insurance specifically for traffic accidents with motorcycles. The
responsibility of these two types is the same, namely, there is an additional
cost to carry out medical treatment from the policyholder.

Personal accident insurance premiums at
Super You itself are flat or do not change with age. The price only starts from
IDR 36,500 per month.

2. Travel insurance premiums

Frequent trips make you have to make one
type of investment to minimize unexpected events. One of them is travel
insurance which will guarantee financial protection for you when the trip takes

There are 2 types that you can choose,
namely international travel insurance, namely when traveling abroad, and
domestically which only covers the territory of Indonesia. This type of
insurance is perfect for those of you who like to travel long distances,
especially for work purposes.

Unlike insurance premiums that are paid
monthly or yearly, this one insurance premium is paid once only, when
purchasing a travel ticket.

3. Health insurance premiums

This type of investment can provide
guarantees for your health protection. If you pay health insurance premiums,
then all your medical expenses, if you get sick at any time, will be covered by
the insurance company. Because the main service is only about health for
policyholders. Paying health insurance premiums is much cheaper than having to
pay for health costs that continue to increase.

Review of The Purpose of Paying Insurance

Not only the types and understanding of
insurance premiums that you must understand. Because there is still a purpose
for insurance premiums. To find out more, please follow the explanation below.

Can guarantee protection

The function of insurance itself is to get
guaranteed protection against various bad risks that can be experienced by you.
This protection guarantee is then obtained by paying insurance premiums which
at the same time you get insurance benefits. As we know that unlucky fate can
come anytime and anywhere.

That’s why being mindful of yourself by
doing something reliable also needs to be done. Such as insurance through Super
You which does have the best quality and has been recommended by many people
worth trying.

Obtaining cost equalization

Equal distribution of money here means that
if you are a policyholder, you will not reimburse, and pay personally for all
losses caused by the disaster experience.

That’s an explanation of the meaning and purpose of insurance premiums that you need to know. Not only that, but choosing a trusted insurance provider should also be considered by you. But now there is an online insurance Super You by Sequis that already has decades of experience in the field of insurance.

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