Top Insurance Companies in Nigeria you should know 2022- 2023

Top Insurance Companies in Nigeria you should know 2022- 2023 – Insurance is an important solution that helps to protect your own, your business, and your family from unexpected occasions.

However, as long as you do not want these occasions to occur, the truth is, you cannot avoid them, which is why they describe them as unexpected.

But, fortunately, is, whenever they occur, insurance promises to obtain you protected.

Therefore, to assist protect your family, companies, and on your own versus potential dangers, we have put together a total list of insurance companies in Nigeria that you could choose from.

It’s important to keep in mind that there are several various other insurance companies in Nigeria, but here’s a listing of our top 25 insurance companies in no particular purchase.

Top Insurance Companies in Nigeria you should know 2022- 2023

1. AIICO Insurance Plc.

AIICO insurance is among the top weapons in the Nigerian Insurance Industry. They established this company in the year 1963, and they have since removed up the ladder of the insurance industry to be among the top gamers. Additionally, they focus mainly on Basic Insurance, Life guarantee, unique dangers, Health and wellness, Possession pension plan management, and management.

2. Leadway Assurance Company

Leadway Assurance entered presence in the year 1970, and ever ever since, they have been very energetic in the insurance business. They are significant in business, pension plan insurance, and life. Additionally, they also offer allied monetary solutions. This consists of profile management, credit bond, and monetary losses and miscellaneous.

3. Custodian and allied insurance

Custodian and Allied Insurance is a wholly-owned insurance company to cover its customer’s innovative insurance items needs. This they think will help guarantee customer satisfaction. Additionally, they offer a wide variety of insurance plans customized to satisfy your needs.

4. Cornerstone Insurance Plc.

Cornerstone Insurance entered its presence in 1991 as a personal limited liability company. However, in the year 1997, it became a Public Limited Liability. They are a dedicated insurance company and put their customer needs first in all circumstances.

5. AXA Mansard Insurance

AXA Mansard comes from the AXA Team. They are among the worldwide leaders in possession management and insurance with more than 160,000 workers. Additionally, they offer about 107 million customers in over 60 nations.

6. African Alliance Insurance Plc.

AAI entered presence in the year 1960, and ever since they have built a reputation on their own in the insurance industry. They focus typically on insurance items that are customized to satisfy your needs. Some of their plans are financial investment insurance plans, Annuity assurance, Team life Assurance, and so on.

7. Lasaco Assurance Plc.

Lasaco is a monetary solution and compound insurance integrated in December 1979, Lasaco is an acronym for Lagos specify Assurance Company Limited. They obtained their license to run as an insurance provider in Nigeria in the year 2980. Lasaco is significant in Basic Insurance, Life online payment, and Insurance.

8. Anchor Insurance

Anchor Insurance is among the noteworthy insurance companies in Nigeria. NAICOM registered them in the year 1989, and in November of the same year, they began the procedure. Support Insurance focuses on Basic Business Insurance. Because they see customers as the factors they have been around, Individuals love anchor insurance. This means customers’ need is their priority.

9. Goldlink Insurance

They integrated Goldlink Insurance on 15th April 1992 as a Private Limited Liability Company. However, in the year 1993, to be precise September, they became a full-fledged insurance company. Because of Goldlink’s insurance dogged dedication, they could stand high in the insurance industry. Goldlink focuses on Basic Business, Life, Electric motor Insurance, and Travel.

10. Continental Reinsurance

Continental Insurance began as a personal insurance outfit in the year 1985. But in 1990 they became a full-fledged insurer. They offer non-life insurance and life. Besides this, they have a well-diversified business client base and blend. It’s their objective to become among one of the most recognized insurers not just in Nigeria but in Africa.

11. Consolidated Hallmark Insurance

CHI Plc. also known as Consolidated Hallmark Insurance is among the prominent Insurance companies in Nigeria. They have the decision to change the way individuals see insurance in Nigeria. CHI Plc. thinks they can accomplish this through the help of technology and the experts they carry on board. Additionally, Consolidated Hallmark has several insurance offerings customized to satisfy your needs.

12. FBN Insurance

First Bank of Nigeria Insurance is a subsidiary of the First Bank of Nigeria. FBN insurance is a life insurance business targeted at providing coverage for corporate organizations and people. They design FBN Insurance items to help you enjoy the tranquility of life that originates from managing daily dangers.

13. Niger Insurance Plc.

Niger Insurance is a completely electronic insurance company. They are significant typically in all courses of insurance and offer a wide variety of customer-innovative solutions and drivened. The management group of Niger insurance is highly competent with comprehensive managerial abilities.

14. NEM Insurance

NEM Insurance is about for a long time. They typically began out in Nigeria as Edward carbon monoxide and Turner. However, in 2007, they combined with Watchful Insurance Company to transact all forms of basic insurance. Throughout the years, they have broadened their procedures in the West African sub-region. NEM insurance majors are generally unique dangers and insurance.

15. Mutual Benefits Assurance Plc.

Mutual Assurance throughout the years has enhanced to be one brand name you can rely on in Nigeria. They are a company with a rate of interest in various industries of the Nigerian economic climate. They have more than 3,000 staff and a client base of 250,000.

16. Staco Insurance Plc.

They integrated Staco In Nigeria in October 1991. However, in 1994, under a brand-new name, they began running the insurance business. They licensed them to transact all courses of the insurance business. This consists of Basic Unique Dangers and Insurance.

17. Nicon Insurance

NICON is among Africa’s prominent insurance companies. They were officially owned by the Government Federal government of Nigeria, to assist in developing the insurance industry. However, in 2005, they were privatized. They have workplaces in all the 36 specifies of the federation. Additionally, they have several plans customized to satisfy your insurance needs.

18. Royal Exchange Plc.

The Royal Exchange brand name is considerable in the Nigerian monetary market, most particularly in the insurance area. In 2008, they were reorganized right into a team framework to perform their vision for the monetary industry. Royal Exchange Insurance specializes typically in bringing out the Non-life insurance business in Nigeria.

19. Guinea Insurance Plc.

Throughout the years, Guinea Insurance has constantly measured up to its name, which is to be in advance of various other insurance companies in the arrangement of risk management solutions. In truth, they are among the significant gamers in the arrangement of premium monetary risk solutions in Basic unique dangers and Insurance. Guinea insurance has a solid funding base and highly qualified experts, and they run using modern technology.

20. Coronation Insurance Plc.

Coronation Insurance is typically among the prominent companies in the West Africa Insurance industry. They entered presence in 1958, and throughout the years they have gathered experience in risk financing and management. Additionally, they offer a wide variety of item and solutions that covers, life, basic and unique risk companies.

21. Great Nigeria Insurance Plc.

GNI aims to measure up to their business viewpoint encapsulated in their worths. Throughout the years, they have put together a vibrant and purposeful group made of highly skilled experts. Their common worths are professionalism, compassion, esprit de corps, development, quality, and integrity.

22. Standard Alliance Insurance Company Limited

Standard Alliance is among the high-profile technology and customer-oriented insurance firm in Nigeria. They place amongst the best and most respected in the insurance industry because of excellent solution delivery and item. They specialize in general and unique risk insurance.

23. Law Union and Rock Insurances

Law insurance unions have been about for some time. They are among the first-generation insurance companies to open up workplaces in Nigeria. They started the procedure in 1951, and ever since they have striven to become among Nigeria’s prominent insurance companies. Law and Union majors generally have insurance plans.

24. Sovereign Trust Insurance Plc.

Sovereign Trust began business in the year 1985, following its restructuring as the Grand Union Assurance Limited. They run Across the country through their network of branches throughout the Country. Sovereign Trust majors typically in a wide variety of services and products customized to satisfy your needs.

25. Regency Alliance Insurance Plc.

With over 20 years of experience in the Nigerian insurance space, Regency Alliance remains unparalleled in the Basic insurance business Market. They provide you with the best insurance solution that they grow from their deep financing expertise. Additionally, they offer a choice of personalized insurance items in partnership with their technological companions and middlemen.


Some noteworthy insurance companies didn’t make the list. You might also want to look at them or read about them and find the one that rates passion. Some noteworthy Insurance companies are omitted from the list. You might also wish to know more about them and see if they best satisfy your demand. Instances are Veritas Funding Assurance, Sunu Assurance Limited, Linkage Assuranc.

Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that insurance is a certain way to secure your own versus potential dangers. Therefore, you can take advantage of any one of the insurance companies listed in this article to provide coverage on your own, your family, your business, and residential or commercial homes versus any unexpected occasion.

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