These are the Benefits of Travel Insurance for Employees Who Travel officially

These are the Benefits of Travel Insurance for Employees Who Travel officially – For workers, hearing the term official travel must be familiar. Official travel is carried out to complete work related to the interests of the company or the state (if carried out by civil servants). Of course, in traveling on official trips, there are crucial things that need to be prepared in addition to focusing on work. 

One thing that companies should not miss is setting up travel insurance. The goal is to provide additional protection for employees. Moreover, they made the trip for the sake of the company. Thus, it is the responsibility of the company to provide such insurance.

What Should a Company Prepare For When Its Employees Travel On Business Trips?

Before going on an official trip, there are things that the company must prepare. Arbitrary? Here’s the review!

1. Official Travel Details

The employee has the right to know in detail about the official trip that he will take. For this reason, companies must communicate and socialize their itineraries.

To maximize time management, employees must know the intended location, departure date, and time to spend at the venue. In addition, the workers who go on official trips must also prepare the necessary work materials. By knowing the details of official travel, the employee’s work will be clearer.

2. Complementary Documents

Official travel can be done at home or abroad. For this reason, companies must also think about the readiness of the required complementary documents. For example, a letter of assignment, passport, and a visa when traveling abroad. Do not miss health letters such as COVID-19 vaccine certificates or antigen test results because currently, we are still in the atmosphere of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

3. Accommodation

Another important thing that must be prepared when traveling officially is to prepare accommodation, especially if Smart People travel abroad. Finding out about the policies of the region or country to be visited is very necessary. In addition to looking for details about where to live, also understand the means of transportation that Smart People will use during the trip.

4. Travel Insurance

To support safety and comfort in traveling on business, companies should provide travel insurance for their employees. Travel insurance will provide a sense of security for employees who do service. If employees experience risks related to health and safety during the trip, then there is insurance that will provide protection.

Travel Insurance Benefits for Employees Who Are On Official Travel

Having travel insurance when doing business is not only to protect employees when they have an accident. What are the other benefits of travel insurance that Smart People can get?

1. Medical expenses & emergency services

Although it is not desirable, we must be aware of safety risks when traveling, especially now that it is still a pandemic atmosphere. Imagine if Smart People traveled to an area and got an illness or suddenly an accident occurred. Without insurance, Smart People will spend more on treatment.

2. Travel cancellation or reduction fees

During this pandemic, cancellations or reductions in public transportation departures often occur. As a result, official travel has been hampered. Although they will usually get a refund, with travel insurance, Smart People will also get compensation. An example of compensation that Smart People can get is the service of staying at a hotel. 

3. Benefits for loss and procrastination

If there is a delay in the public transportation used, Smart People can also get compensation in the form of alternative transportation costs. This will be very beneficial if Smart People have to attend a very important event.

4. Benefits for luggage

Have Smart People ever experienced damaged or even lost baggage? By using travel insurance, your luggage will be safer, especially if the item is related to the interests of the company. Travel insurance will compensate you when your baggage is damaged.

5. Personal accident insurance benefits

The most important benefit of travel insurance is to provide coverage in the event of an accident. Not only does it make it easier to get emergency or medical services, but insurance will also provide severance pay for the family if the accident takes its life.

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