These are the 9 Advantages of Sharia Insurance

These are the 9 Advantages of Sharia Insurance – According to the National Sharia Council,
Sharia insurance is an effort to protect and help each other among a number of
people, and this is done through investment in the form of assets (Tabarru).
Which provides a return pattern to face certain risks through contracts
(agreements) that are in accordance with sharia. Well, sharia insurance has
many advantages and advantages… What are the advantages and disadvantages?
 Here’s the explanation:

  1. In risk management, basically in sharia
    insurance, a group of people will help each other and help each other. Mutual
    guarantee and cooperation with caa raise grants (Tabarru). That way it can be
    said that risk management carried out in sharia insurance uses the principle of
    sharing of risk. Where the risk is charged/divided between the company and the
    insurance participants themselves.
  2. Fund Management, Fund management carried
    out in sharia insurance is transparent and is used as much as possible to bring
    profit to the insurance policyholders themselves.
  3. The Agreement System, in sharia insurance,
    is only used as a grant agreement (Tabarru) which is based on the sharia system
    and is ensured to be halal.
  4. Fund Ownership, in accordance with the
    contract used, then in sharia insurance the insurance fund is the property of
    the Joint (all insurance participants), where the insurance company only acts
    as a fund manager.
  5. Profit Sharing, in sharia insurance, all
    profits obtained by the company related to insurance funds will be distributed
    to all participants of the insurance.
  6. Zakat obligations, Sharia insurance
    companies require their participants to pay zakat, the amount of which will be
    adjusted to the amount of profit obtained by the company.
  7. Claims and Services, in sharia insurance
    participants, can take advantage of the protection of hospitalization costs for
    all family members, here a system of using a card is applied and paying all
    bills incurred. One insurance policy is used for all family members, so the
    premiums charged by sharia insurance will also be lighter. Sharia insurance also
    allows us to be able to make double claims, so we will still get the claims we
    submit even though we have obtained them through our other insurance.
  8. Supervision, in sharia insurance,
    supervision is carried out strictly and carried out by the National Sharia
    Council (DSN) which is formed directly by the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI)
    and is given the task of supervising all forms of implementation of sharia
    economic principles in Indonesia, including issuing fatwas or laws that
    regulate them. In every Islamic financial institution, there must be a Sharia
    supervisory board (DPS) that serves as a supervisor.
  9. Forfeited Funds, in some types of sharia insurance issued by conventional insurance companies, we know the term “forfeited funds” which occurs in unclaimed insurance (for example life insurance whose policyholder does not die until the coverage period ends). However, such a thing does not apply in sharia insurance, because funds can still be taken even though there is a small part that is sincere as tabarru funds.
Well, those were some of the advantages and advantages of sharia insurance, very profitable, right? So what are you waiting for, Let’s move together to sharia insurance that is safer and more profitable…..

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