The Era of Electric Vehicles That Changed Everything

The Era of Electric Vehicles That Changed Everything – Recently Huawei showed the world, the technology they have created. Huawei Aito M5, an ELECTRIC PLUG-IN hybrid SUV. Huawei launched it a few months ago, with a variety of amazing features present in this car. Huawei is serious, they want to show that Huawei is the largest technology company in the World. Although they faced many big challenges, they didn’t just give up. 

Huawei accepted a major challenge when the trade war between the United States and the People’s Republic of China began when it also accepted regulations from the United States. Even Google no longer cooperates with Huawei, the break-up of the relationship between the two companies resulted in the absence of Android in the operating system on their devices.

Huawei is not running out of ways, even though they face problems that have a big impact on their company. 

Huawei developed their operating system, Harmony, they revolutionized their OS, they made it grow so far, they turned it into one of the best OS in the world. The battle of the Software world continues, now the presence adds to the competition, which was originally a tight battle between iOS and Android, Huawei was not left behind and they presented Kirin in the fight.

Currently, Huawei makes Electric Cars, we know Huawei was originally just a Technology company not an automotive. 

Technology Companies compete in Electric Vehicles

In this era of electric vehicles, many electronics companies penetrated electric vehicles, not just Huawei. There is Sony which tout first with their Sedan-type car, which is similar to Porsche’s design, the Vision-S. No less interesting, Sony is currently launching the Vision-S 02 with a medium SUV shape. It looks like Sony wants to show that they are serious about jumping into the Electric Vehicle market. Although only a concept, the design of their vehicle is very unique. From futuristic body lines to their simple straight-striped DRL, this shows the Electric Cars of the future.

From Sony’s YouTube Channel, they uploaded the Vision-S 02 video. Now Sony launched an Electric Car with a different design than before, Sony added to its electric car lineup which now plays with the form of a Medium SUV. 

Not only Sony or Huawei, but the company was also originally only in the world of technology and is now venturing into Electric Vehicles. There is Apple which previously also conveyed to the public, that they will also present electric vehicles. But Apple until now has not displayed electric cars that how they want to present, very much awaited how Apple creates electric vehicles.

A New Competition called Electric Vehicles

In the era of Electric Vehicles, it seems that vehicle competition is not only filled by companies that are already large such as Toyota, Mercedez Benz, GMC, Nissan, BMW, or even Audi. Starting from the emergence of Tesla which launched various types of electric cars, with its extraordinary features. Tesla makes other companies also interested in competing in this electric vehicle.

Not only large and well-known companies that go down in the world of electric vehicles but there are also Xpeng from China, Lucid, Rivian, Zoox with Autonomous Vehicle, even Startup classes such as Arrival who play in commercial vehicles. Commercial vehicles are usually filled by Scania, Volvo which has also previously launched the concept of commercial autonomous vehicles for freight transport, there are also Fuso, and MAN Trucks. It is interesting to look forward to how the competition in electric vehicles.

From year to year technology is always evolving, many new ideas are emerging, some are horrendous, some are just developing technology before. Mobile phones, desktops, televisions, even devices for household appliances. Life continues to be dynamic, and there are many interesting things to wait for. Moreover, technology that will be present, even electric vehicles how else, and which companies will also enliven the competition in the world of electric vehicles.

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