The Dangers of Turning Off The Car Engine Suddenly!

The Dangers of Turning Off The Car Engine Suddenly! – No human being is perfect, that’s the reality. Anyone must have shortcomings and negative traits, including those of you who are reading this article. There are many trivial things that we often overlook, including a good and correct way of driving. We often argue that driving is just that, the important thing is to obey traffic signs, carry complete driving papers, everything must be safe.

Make no mistake. How to operate a car engine is also important to note. If the car engine is operated perfunctorily, it could be that the driver even crashed in the middle of the road. Don’t want something bad to happen to you in the middle of the road?

Operating a car engine is not just about starting the engine. However, it is also how to turn off the engine. Some of us often turn off the car suddenly. Reason? Either because of rush, laziness, or because of the natural lack of affection for one’s goods. Consciously or not, this is what triggers damage to your car engine. Routine service that you do every month will also not be useful if turning off the car alone is never right. Mobi service? It’s just a waste of money. If you want the car engine to remain durable, please change your bad habits into good habits so that the engine is always maintained.

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The Dangers of Turning Off The Car Engine Suddenly

Is it dangerous to turn off the car engine suddenly?

Before we answer this question, try asking yourself. “Is turning off the car engine suddenly dangerous?” Have you found the answer? Okay, we agree with your answer. Yes! Turning off the car engine suddenly will cause damage to the engine itself. The damage occurred due to the movement of the engine that had been fast, stopped suddenly. Like when you run fast, suddenly stop because you tripped over a rock.

The damage is also worse if the engine is rarely lubricated. The provision of lubricant in the car engine is the same when we fill the stomach that is upset. If we don’t eat, we automatically run out of energy. The activity also became uninspired. Car engines are also likewise, lubricants are like a delicacy for the engines. The point is to rejuvenate your car engine to keep it running. Especially when the car suddenly dies, the pressure of the lubricant will decrease drastically. Unfortunately, the drop in the pressure of this lubricant is not followed by the movement of the engine. So that the piston part will expand, then wear out, and finally be damaged.

So that the piston and other engine parts are not damaged, start to improve your technique and the way you drive the car. Avoid turning off the car engine suddenly. Even if your car wants to stop, lower the speed first so that the engine is also not surprised when it is about to be turned off. To be safer, bring a car with a standard speed. When you want to turn off the car suddenly, the engine will not be “too surprised”.

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How is the Stage of Turning Off the Correct Car Engine?

If turning off the car suddenly is wrong, then how to turn off the car properly? Instead of wondering, follow the easy steps below:

  • If you want to turn off the car engine, reduce the speed (rpm) first. For example 60 km / h to 20 km / h. In essence, the speed of the car should drop gradually. Even if the intended distance is very close, it would be nice if you directly step on the “brake” disc. But, you have to be careful, because stepping on the disc brakes causes a very fast rush. Keep your distance from the steering wheel and car glass so that the limbs are safe from hard sticking
  • After the speed of the car is reduced, wait 2-3 minutes for the car engine to stabilize from the footing of the disc brakes earlier. Then, park your car in a shady place and be safe from direct sun attacks. Because the reflection of sunlight can make the car engine quickly hot during parking
  • The next step is to turn off the air conditioner. Some drivers prefer to turn off the engine first, then turn off the air conditioner. The air conditioner will automatically turn off if the car engine is turned off. If you used to prefer to turn off the engine and then the car air conditioner, change yes. This will cause damage to the ac compressor part due to a sudden beat when the car is turned off.
  • After the car air conditioner is completely off, then turn off your car’s engine. Before leaving the car, check all the components on the car carefully, especially the engines. Sometimes, some engine components are still running even though the engine has been turned off. If this is allowed, things that are not desirable will happen to your car. For example, the car battery becomes damaged when the car is restarted.
  • The last car shutdown guideline is to turn off the audio part. When the car audio is still alive when the car is turned off, the audio will likely be damaged when the car is restarted. Not only that but some parts of the engine were also damaged. Why did this happen? The car’s audio is automatically connected to the battery. When the audio part is turned on, there is a fairly loud beat from inside the audio due to the pressure of the volume of the sound. This pressure is what can make the battery damaged and completely unusable again.


How? Do you know what dangers are caused when turning off the car suddenly? If you already know, don’t get used to doing it constantly. Do not forget also to follow the right steps when turning off the car engine. With the right steps, it is guaranteed that the car engine will be more durable and durable. Do not forget to also do car maintenance regularly. Take your car to the “salon” at least once a month to rejuvenate its aging machines.

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