Some Important Criteria for Choosing Family Health Insurance

Maintaining health amid the current
pandemic is an important thing that we must do. Trying to live a healthy
lifestyle will be effective for body health. In addition to complying with
health protocols and carrying out a healthy daily lifestyle, of course, we must
protect ourselves and our families from all kinds of health risks that may
occur. One of them is to have health insurance.

What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a type of insurance
that covers part or all of the cost of hospital bills, such as the cost of
medical examinations, surgeries, or even inpatient rooms and ICUs. All this
depends on the product of his health insurance. The number of protection
benefits provided can also vary.

Just like insurance in general, the way
health insurance works is that the Insured (the person whose health is insured)
will pay premiums to the Insurer (the insurance company or the government).
Premium payments can be made on a monthly, quarterly, semesterly, or annual
basis. Instead, the Insurer will compensate in part or in full when the risk of
illness occurs.

Why need health insurance?

Health insurance has become one of the
basic insurances and is even required by the government. In Indonesia, health
insurance must be in the form of BPJS Kesehatan. This is because everyone
basically has the right to access treatment. If the disease is neglected and
not treated, then it can become a matter of life or death.

The problem is that the medical expenses
are not cheap. To heal, a person needs to go through a wide variety of stages.
Starting from the cost of medical examinations, medicines, room rates, the
services of medical personnel, and maybe other costs needed. In addition, this
health cost always increases high every year. Not everyone can afford this huge

So everyone has the right to stay alive by
getting treatment when they are sick, but not everyone can pay for medical
expenses. Then what is the way out?

Health insurance is one of the solutions to
this problem. Indeed, not all insurance covers the entire cost, but at least it
can help ease the burden of hospital costs. Unfortunately, not many people
realize this until one day they fall ill and feel the weight of paying hospital

At a minimum, you must have at least BPJS
Kesehatan, or health protection from online insurance whose premium prices are
more affordable than BPJS.

What Are the Types of Health Insurance?

There are all kinds of health insurance.
Therefore, you must be able to find out what kind of health insurance you have.
What does the cover look like? Is there an element of investment? The following
is an explanation of some types of health insurance:

Hospital benefit vs cash plan. Hospital
benefits are the same as BPJS where coverage adjusts the costs incurred.
Usually, hospital benefits are used as the main health insurance. A cash plan,
on the other hand, provides daily cash compensation based on how long you have
been in the hospital. For example, the cash compensation coverage is IDR 500k /
day, and if you are treated for 4 days, then you will get IDR 2 million. The
goal is more for the main health insurance supplementary insurance or BPJS.

Pure insurance vs unit link. Pure insurance
means focusing on protection only as protection, while unit links have
investment value in them. For health insurance, it’s a good idea to have pure
insurance because, in addition to more affordable premiums, you also get
health-focused protection. If you want to invest, you can look for other types
of investments that are right for you.

Inpatient (in-patient) vs. outpatient
(out-patient). Prioritize getting health insurance that focuses on
hospitalization, because hospitalization is the most costly. Inpatient
insurance premiums are usually cheaper. If you have excess money, then then you
choose insurance that has an outpatient basis.

Does family health insurance matter?

Of course, it is important because
insurance is one way to protect yourself and your family from financial risks
that occur in the future.

What are the criteria for choosing family
health insurance?

1. Benefits of Hospitalization

Of course, by having insurance we hope to
be free from part or all of the cost of hospitalization when we have to be
hospitalized. The benefits of hospitalization from insurance are usually in the
form of room fees, doctor’s visits, medical expenses, laboratories, and other
expenses. Of course, in choosing health insurance for the family, we must
choose according to the needs and costs of the premiums that are charged.

2. Protects against Different Types of

In addition to critical illnesses,
currently, insurance companies also offer family health protection against the
risk of COVID-19. Preferably when choosing family health insurance, we should
look at the list of diseases that are on the list of dependents. Don’t make the
wrong choice of plan. In Super You, with Super Strong insurance, you are not
only protected from critical illness but also against the risk of dying due to
COVID-19. Starting from Rp.28.500 per month, are you sure you don’t want to?

3. Extensive Hospital Partners

In addition to providing health protection,
of course, by having insurance we can choose a hospital that suits our needs.
Usually, when choosing insurance the thing that must be considered is having an
extensive network of hospitals.

4. Choosing Premiums as Needed

The following is in choosing a premium,
there are insurance companies that offer various types of premiums and
benefits. Choose according to our needs and of course, you have to adjust to
the financial plan in the future. At Super You, My Hospital Protection health
insurance starts from Rp.39,500 per month you can get various benefits
including daily hospital costs, ICU treatment costs, and age cover coverage.

5. Insurance policy

In addition to paying attention to all
these things, you can also check the complete information in your insurance
policy. Make sure you have chosen insurance premiums that suit your finances,
and benefits that suit your needs, and also check what risks are protected.

especially check the exceptions section.
There are some risks that are not covered by insurance, for example, if the
risk that occurs is part of a criminal act or suicide attempt. If the risk is
part of the exception, you will not be able to claim the existing insurance

6. Easy Claim Process

Here is choosing family health insurance
with an easy and cashless claim process. Well, in order for our claim process
to be accepted, there are several important things that must be considered,
including ensuring that the data filled in is correct, the policy is in active
status, filing it on time, and so on.

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