Smartly choose Insurance With a Historical View

Smartly choose Insurance With a Historical View – What will come to mind when you hear the word insurance? Insurance can be categorized as one of the important things in our lives today. Insurance can be a protector for all our assets for example our house, car, business, or even our life.

Many people are in a hurry to choose insurance without them knowing the basic functions of insurance and the benefits they will get from the insurance we have. There are also many cases of fraud under the guise of insurance that afflicts many people today and of course, this can happen because of the lack of understanding of many people about what insurance is. Therefore, you should know in advance about insurance by studying the history of insurance itself.

The Beginning of Insurance

We can find out the history of insurance by looking at the beginning of insurance in this world. According to some sources, insurance has existed since the time of the Kingdom of Greece. The concept of insurance has developed since the time of the Romans and the reign of Alexander the Great. This concept is seen when there are members of an association who die or are sick and other members collect money to fulfill or provide compensation to members who are affected by the disaster.

What about the concept of insurance in Indonesia? In Indonesia, insurance entered during the Dutch colonial era. This is evidenced by the existence of insurance companies that have been known since ancient times such as Bumiputera Insurance, Life Insurance, Jasa Raharja Insurance, and other insurance.

These insurance companies are not only known in the past but until now we can also still find these companies. Many people do choose insurance from the company because of its long experience and reputation. But some people in this modern era have turned to companies that are much more modern in concept and follow the times and conditions.

The Purpose of Insurance

After we know about the beginning of insurance in the world and Indonesia, we need to know the actual basic meaning of insurance itself. Insurance itself is an agreement made between two or more parties where one party will be the bearer of the costs and the other party will be the recipient of the insurance premium. The recipient of the insurance premium must pay the premium every month to the party who covers the reimbursement if later the premium recipient experiences a disaster or finds damage to all things that have been agreed to be covered by the insurance company. Then what are the real goals of insurance?

– Insurance will provide guarantees for protection and also the risk of loss that will be experienced by the recipient of the insurance premium

– Insurance will also help so that everyone does not need to over-secure assets or all the things they have. This means that insurance provides a more effective solution to protect your goods or assets.

– Insurance will function as savings that later if not used will be returned within a certain period.

– Insurance provides reimbursement for costs when the insurance recipient experiences illness, accident, loss of assets or goods, and so on.

– Business insurance will save you from the danger of bankruptcy that many entrepreneurs fear.

Currently, insurance itself has grown very rapidly and we will have no problem choosing insurance and insurance products that suit our needs. The most important thing to pay attention to is to always look for the best company to provide insurance and choose insurance products that suit our ability to pay. By knowing the history of insurance, our knowledge of insurance is increasing.

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