San Antonio Car Accident Lawyer: How to Prepare for a Case

San Antonio Car Accident Lawyer: How to Prepare for a Case – Were you or a relative injured in a car accident and find on your own looking for a San Antonio car accident attorney? Are you stressed over how you’ll pay your installing clinical expenses, the salaries you’re shedding from missing out on work, or obtaining your vehicle fixed after an accident because of another person’s negligent driving? After that, you need a skilled accident attorney to defend you.

The accident attorneys at Thompson Legislation obtained 15 of the top 50 negotiations in Texas in 2021, and we will help you, too. Hiring a lawyer for accident claims with comprehensive experience in automobile wrecks will permit you to concentrate on healing from your injuries. We provide FREE CASE REVIEWS and charge NO FEE unless we win.

San Antonio Car Accident Statistics

In 2021, there were 38,461 total crashes in San Antonio that consisted of:

  • Fatal crashes: 171 fatal crashes, prominent to 182 deaths
  • Major injury crashes: 539 thought major crashes, prominent to 626 thought major injuries
  • Small injury crashes: 4,307 thought small crashes, prominent to 5,555 thought small injuries
  • Potentially injury crashes: 6,263 feasible injury crashes, prominent to 10,311 feasible injuries
  • Non-injury crashes: 24,580 non-injury crashes, prominent to 67,272 non-injured vehicle residents
  • Unidentified seriousness crashes: 2,601 unidentified seriousness crashes, prominent to 11,563 people with unidentified injuries

Bexar Region Car Accidents Statistics

For all Bexar Region, 46,383 total crashes consisted of:

  • Fatal crashes: 222 fatal crashes, prominent to 237 deaths
  • Major injury crashes: 713 thought major crashes, prominent to 832 thought major injuries
  • Small injury crashes: 5,049 thought small crashes, prominent to 6,534 thought small injuries
  • Potentially injury crashes: 7,234 feasible injury crashes, prominent to 11,805 feasible injuries
  • Non-injury crashes: 30,109 non-injury crashes, prominent to 82,823 non-injured vehicle residents
  • Unidentified seriousness crashes: 3,056 unidentified seriousness crashes, prominent to 13,285 people with unidentified injuries

Texas Car Accidents Statistics

For the whole specify, there were 425,074 total crashes in Texas in 2021 that consisted of:

  • Fatal crashes: 2,223 fatal crashes, prominent to 2,395 deaths
  • Major injury crashes: 10,083 thought major crashes, prominent to 11,994 thought major injuries
  • Small injury crashes: 46,792 thought small crashes, prominent to 62,890 thought small injuries
  • Potentially injury crashes: 72,312 feasible injury crashes, prominent to 113,823 feasible injuries
  • Non-injury crashes: 274,053 non-injury crashes, prominent to 842,270 non-injured vehicle residents
  • Unidentified seriousness crashes: 19,611 unidentified seriousness crashes, prominent to 85,178 people with unidentified injuries

Prominent Reasons for Car Accidents in San Antonio

While San Antonio auto crashes occur for a variety of various factors, TxDOT aggregates these causes at the region degree for Texas. Here are some of the main reasons for car accidents and injuries in the Bexar Region / San Antonio (2021 data):

  1. Sidetracked Driving Accidents: 18,614 crashes (2,262 injury crashes, 56 fatal)
  2. Speeding up Chauffeur Accidents: 2,332 crashes (453 injury crashes, 40 fatal)
  3. Building/Work Area Accidents: 2,066 crashes (213 injury crashes, 10 fatalities)
  4. Intoxicated Driving (DWI/DUI) Accidents: 1,963 crashes (384 injury crashes, 57 fatal)

Most Common Adding Factors to Car Accidents in San Antonio

One of the most common adding factors to San Antonio car accidents reported by the San Antonio Authorities Division in 2021 are:

  1. Chauffeur negligence was the reason for 16,232 crashes
  2. Cannot control speed was the reason for 4,516 crashes
  3. Complied with too closely was the reason for 3,864 crashes
  4. Changed lanes when hazardous was the reason for 3,243 crashes
  5. The defective incredibly elusive activity was the reason for 2,685 crashes
  6. Cannot own in the solitary lane was the reason for 1,983 crashes
  7. Cannot yield the right-of-way when turning left was the reason for 1,909 crashes
  8. Backed without safety was the reason for 1,897 crashes

Prominent Reasons for Car Accidents in Texas

At the specified degree, TxDOT tracks automobile accident information at a lot more granular degree. So, here’s an extensive list of the main reasons for car accidents in Texas (2021 data):

1. Moving Infractions Accidents: 290,967 crashes (42,923 injury crashes, 1,955 fatal)

  • Backed Without Safety Accidents: 8,983 crashes (227 injury crashes, 6 fatal)
  • Changed Lane When Hazardous Accidents: 42,638 crashes (3,263 injury crashes, 89 fatal)
  • Neglect Quit and Go Indicate Accidents: 21,881 crashes (4,459 injury crashes, 124 fatal)
  • Neglect Quit Sign or Light Accidents: 14,831 crashes (2,867 injury crashes, 98 fatal)
  • Cannot Own in Solitary Lane: 45,743 crashes (6,780 injury crashes, 836 fatal)
  • Failing to Yield Right of Way: 94,754 crashes (15,706 injury crashes, 385 fatal)
  • Fatigued or Asleep Accidents: 8,848 crashes (1,910 injury crashes, 139 fatal)
  • Defective Incredibly elusive Activity Accidents: 21,460 crashes (3,824 injury crashes, 243 fatal)
  • Complied with Too Closely Accidents: 20,724 crashes (2,222 injury crashes, 14 fatal)
  • Transformed When Hazardous Accidents: 11,105 crashes (1,665 injury crashes, 61 fatal)

2. Speed-Related Accidents: 163,969 cashes (23,191 injury crashes, 1,362 fatal)

  • Cannot Control Speed Accidents: 134,125 crashes (17,324 injury crashes, 554 fatal)
  • Speeding up Accidents: 2,605 crashes (787 injury crashes, 320 fatal)
  • Hazardous Speed Accidents: 27,239 crashes (5,080 injury crashes, 488 fatal)

3. Sidetracked Driving Accidents: 98,896 crashes (14,174 injury crashes, 412 fatal)

  • Cell/Mobile Device Accidents: 3,655 crashes (707 injury crashes, 48 fatal)
  • Interruption in Vehicle Accidents: 12,536 crashes (2,020 injury crashes, 73 fatal)
  • Chauffeur Negligence Accidents: 82,705 crashes (11,447 injury crashes, 291 fatal)

4. Drunkenness Accidents (DUI/DWI): 28,366 crashes (6,787 injury crashes, 1,236 fatal)

  • Had Been Drinking Accidents: 9,104 crashes (2,136 injury crashes, 212 fatal)
  • Taking Medication Accidents: 274 crashes (70 injury crashes, 12 fatal)
  • Under the Influence of Alcohol: 15,558 crashes (3,700 injury crashes, 662 fatal)
  • Under the Influence of Medications Accidents: 3,430 crashes (881 injury crashes, 350 fatal)

Most Harmful Crossways in San Antonio for Car Accidents

Although there are many harmful crossways in San Antonio, nearly one thousand San Antonio automobile accidents occurred at just 10 significant crossways in 2019. Consequently, our San Antonio car accident attorneys are contacted by drivers that have remained in automobile accidents at these crossways every day.

The top 10 most harmful crossways in San Antonio for car accidents are:

  1. 1-10 and Loophole 1604 – 216 accidents
  2. 1-10 and NW Loophole 410 – 124 accidents
  3. 1-35 and US 281 – 108 accidents
  4. Hwy 16 and W Loophole 1604 – 92 accidents
  5. 1-35 and NE Loophole 410 – 90 accidents
  6. 1-35 and N Loophole 1604 E — 82 accidents
  7. Westwood Loophole and Alamo Cattle ranch Parkway – 79 accidents
  8. Walzem Rd and NE Loophole 410 – 63 accidents
  9. Wurzbach Rd and NW Loophole 410 – 61 accidents
  10. San Pedro Ave and NW Loophole 410 – 61 accidents

What to Do After a Car Accident

In 2021, the Texas Division of Transport (TxDOT) tape-taped 38,461 auto accidents in San Antonio and 46,383 in all Bexar Region. Certainly, that is a considerable variety of car accidents, going down San Antonio to 138th on Allstate America’s Best Drivers Record. The average San Antonio local goes just 8.2 years in between accident claims compared with a nationwide average of 10.6 years.

Provided almost one-third of San Antonio auto accidents led to injuries in 2021, it’s important to understand these 10 actions you should take after a car accident before also talking with our San Antonio accident attorneys.

10 Points You Should Do After a Car Accident

  1. Remain at the Accident Scene: Don’t repel from any accident, also if it’s a small collision, or you could be mentioned for a hit-and-run accident (Texas Transport Code § 550.022).
  2. Maximize Safety at the Scene: Put on your risk lights, set up flares, and transfer to a risk-free place if your injuries permit you to do so.
  3. Call the Authorities: A policeman can help redirect traffic, take witness declarations, evaluate criticism for the cars clashing, prepare accident records, and require clinical attention. Further, the authorities will help you understand how to obtain a San Antonio car accident record.
  4. Provide an Honest Declaration: Be accurate in explaining how the wreck occurred without speculating. Accident injuries are often not felt instantly, because of adrenaline and postponed soft cell swelling. Therefore, if inquired about your injuries, it’s more suitable to say “I don’t know”. If you say “No”, the insurance provider will use your declaration versus you.
  5. Trade Information: If a policeman exists, they’ll usually obtain this information. However, if a policeman doesn’t or will not come to the scene (e.g., authorities typically will not come to accidents in a parking area or on private property without serious injuries), be certain you trade names, insurance information, and license plate numbers.
  6. Take Photos: Take photos of all vehicles associated with the accident, consisting of their location(s) on the accident scene, property damage incurring and determining information, such as a permit plate or vehicle recognition number (VIN). Further, take pictures or video clips of weather, skid notes, and the place of particles from the accident in the street. Also, take photos of the chauffeur’s license and insurance card of the various other party or celebrations involved. If the various other party doesn’t have a chauffeur license, take a photo of them as evidence they were driving the vehicle.
  7. Check for Proof: If your injuries permit it, browse the location of the accident for any witnesses or video cams that may have captured the accident on video clips, consisting of dash video cams from nearby vehicles.
  8. Look for Immediate Clinical Attention: A doctor can inspect you and potentially identify any injuries you might have sustained. Many injury accident sufferers disregard discomfort or stiffness when they have soft cells injuries requiring clinical attention. Also, brief hold-ups in therapy open up the home window for the insurance provider to suggest you were injured by something various other compared to the accident and reject your physical injury claim.
  9. Produce a File: It’s important to maintain an arranged folder with information related to your car accident. The moment it requires to settle an injury claim can differ commonly, and thus it’s important you know the place of your documents.
  10. Speak with an Injury Lawyer: Studies show individual injury situations handled by a lawyer typically outcome in about 3 times more payment to sufferers than those without lawful depiction.

What Will a Car Wreck Attorney Provide for You?

If you’re injured in a car wreck, you should talk to a San Antonio car accident attorney today to ensure your rights are protected. Our San Antonio individual injury attorneys can fight the insurance provider for you. Don’t let an insurance adjuster take benefit of you when you’re injured!

Our San Antonio car accident attorneys offer FREE CONSULTATIONS 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week regardless of where you live in Bexar Region. We handle all automobile and various other individual injury situations on a backup charge basis. This means accident sufferers don’t need to pay anything unless we recuperate money for their injuries.

Our lawyers will look after every facet of your claim, consisting of:

  • Holding the accountable party or celebrations responsible for your injuries
  • Acquiring and processing sustaining paperwork for your claim
  • Gathering all appropriate clinical documents
  • Showing up problems from your injuries
  • Determining your claim’s worth
  • Filing your claim with the insurer(s)
  • Serving as the primary point of contact with adjusters
  • Negotiating your claim to the top offer
  • Filing a suit if a negotiation offer is too reduced because an insurance claim is misevaluated

How to Choose the Best Auto Accident Attorney in San Antonio

The result of your situation can be significantly improved by choosing a lawyer with considerable test experience and expertise in individual injury legislation. Thus, here are some tips for choosing the best accident law practice for your accident injury situation:

  • Outcomes: Choose a lawyer with a tested performance history of winning current negotiations in Texas. Thompson Legislation had 2 of the top 3 greatest individual injury negotiations in Texas in 2020.
  • Experience: Pick an attorney with considerable test experience in the court that’s kept in high esteem by their peers. Ryan Thompson is a lifetime participant of the Multi-Million Buck Advocates Online discussion forum and is among the Top 100 Nationwide Test Attorneys. The insurance provider track which lawyers are ready to take a situation to decision at the test and offer better pre-litigation negotiations to customers of that law practice.
  • Sources: Ensure that the attorney you select has the sources to utilize area detectives, accident restoration experts, and traffic safety designers. If liability is disputed or lawsuits are required, for circumstances, you might need experts such as these to do research and affirm in your place.
  • Solution: Speak with individuals in your community and see what they need to say about their experience using various accident lawyers, or appearance at online reviews. Thompson Legislation prides itself on available the best customer solution in the individual injury field. You want a legislation firm that places your needs first.

Insurance Company Strategies to Reject Accident Claims

If you’re without lawful depiction, the insurance company will do everything they can to pay as low as feasible in claims. That is because the primary job of an insurance adjuster is to decrease the quantity that must be paid out in injury negotiations and court-awarded problems. Some of the strategies insurance providers use to minimize the worth of an injury claim consists of:

  • Claim Denials: Insurance providers will reject claims because of problems such as incorrect documents or plan coverage exclusions, with the hope you’ll obtain disappear and be frustrated.
  • Very early Negotiation Offers: Adjusters may offer you a lowball negotiation very early in your situation before you know the real degree of your injuries.
  • Delay Claims: Insurance providers may drag out the claims process so an accident attorney cannot take your situation. That is because the law of restrictions for filing an injury claim in Texas is 2 years after the accident in most situations.
  • Partly Criticize the Sufferer: Texas is a relative carelessness specify, where an insurance provider may attempt to hold a sufferer partly in charge of a car accident.
  • Minimize Injuries: Adjusters may attempt to claim your injuries were pre-existing, or the therapy was excessive.

Types of Car Accident Injuries

Inning accordance with the CDC, unintended automobile traffic fatalities is the second most prominent kind of unintended injury fatality in the Unified Specifies. As kept in mind formerly, the risk of passing away in a San Antonio car wreck is reduced in any one year. Just about 0.44% of accidents in San Antonio involve death and would certainly need the solutions of our wrongful fatality attorneys. However, the risk of being injured and requiring a San Antonio car accident attorney has to do with 66 times greater compared to the risk of passing away, with approximately 29% of accidents including injuries.

Although progress is made in decreasing automobile injuries, they still occur all too often. At Thompson Legislation, our San Antonio car accident attorneys sadly see common car accident injuries daily, such as:

  • Mind Injury: Mind injuries typically involve either a strike to the going, or a fast slowdown where the mind impacts the head. Terrible mind injuries (TBI) are typically classified as mild, moderate, or serious depending upon the objective signs and searchings. Mind injuries can have major long-lasting repercussions.
  • Spinal Cable Injury: Automobile accidents represent over 38% of spinal cable injuries in the Unified Specifies since 2010. These kinds of injuries can range from mild bruising to serious (e.g., paralysis, quadriplegia) and require lifetime treatment.
  • Amputation: The loss of a limb is certainly a devastating injury and involves lifetime disfigurement for the sufferer.
  • Because they are unseen, Interior Injuries: Interior injuries common to car accidents are harder to identify and treat, simply. So, if you think you have experienced an interior injury in a car accident, look for immediate clinical help, and after that call Thompson Legislation.
  • Disfigurement or Scarring: Individuals often remember to take pictures of noticeable injuries after a car accident. However, it’s also important to take pictures after those injuries have recovered, particularly if you’re entrusted to a completely altered surface for your skin.
  • Shed Injury: Shed injuries can differ from airbag sheds to car terminates, and such as various other injuries to the skin it’s important to document before and after pictures for your lawyer.
  • Lacerations, Reduces, Contusions, Abrasions, and Bruising: These noticeable injuries to the skin and hidden cells are often disregarded by sufferers and adjusters following a car wreck. After that, in time they recover, often with little or no recurring scarring. Consequently, if you have any one of these kinds of injuries it’s important to take photos to document them for use later on in your situation.
  • Neck Injuries: Whiplash is a kind of cervical acceleration-deceleration injury to the neck that’s typical of rear-end car accidents. Moreover, whiplash is one of the most common injuries associated with car accidents, with 83% of individuals experiencing whiplash.
  • Back Injury: Back injuries are some of the most common car wreck injuries, and can range from soft cells (e.g., muscle) injuries to nerve injuries to spinal disc injuries.
  • Broken Bones: Bone cracks often occur in car accidents either consequently of bracing for an accident, or an accident with an item such as the wheel. Cracks to the hands and wrist prevail in moderate accidents, and rib cracks are often triggered by seat airbags and belts.
  • Joint Injury: Injuries to the shoulder, wrist, knee, and hip are one of the most common joint injuries we see in car accidents. The damage to these joints is often to the cartilage or tendons and is to do jarring movements and dislocations. Joint injuries often present with a sharp discomfort that slowly subsides, and that reemerges once swelling shows up.

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