Reasons to Choose Sharia Life Insurance

Reasons to Choose Sharia Life Insurance – How do we protect our souls? Some people are very careful in their actions when driving on the highway and making other preventive efforts. Unfortunately, we never know what will happen in the future. Some people also apply healthy living so as not to be susceptible to deadly diseases. Prevention alone does not seem to be enough. We must also protect ourselves in other ways and of course, we must also think about the future of the family if at any time we have to leave them for good. Therefore, modern society is very aware of the importance of having life insurance.

It is not difficult to find an insurance company that offers life insurance. You are free to determine whether you choose conventional life insurance or Sharia life insurance. Life insurance with Sharia principles does sound new and we can only find some Sharia insurance companies offering Sharia-based insurance packages. Although including a new type of insurance, we will find many benefits of Sharia-based insurance, especially to protect our lives. Then what is the reason many people choose life insurance based on sharia?

Life Insurance Please Help

Sharia life insurance is of course made different from conventional insurance that many of us find today. This insurance has or applies different principles and systems. The system in place is a system of grants or donations. The purpose of this system is that you can donate or give some or all of your contributions to other people or Sharia insurance participants who are experiencing a disaster. The insurance company in this case is just acting as a fund manager who will later give your funds to people who need the funds. Another principle of Sharia insurance is please help. We will not find this if we choose conventional insurance.

Sharia Insurance Is Much Clearer

The above reasons are just one of the many reasons why eventually many people choose insurance with a Sharia system or basis compared to conventional systems. Below you will also find out other reasons why this insurance is much more profitable for you.

First, insurance with the Sharia system is very clear profit and loss. We usually will not know the advantages and disadvantages that we will get when we choose insurance with a conventional type.

Second, Sharia-based insurance does not intend to make maximum profits for the company or one of the parties only. This insurance does not recognize the existence of riba. All things are done for the common good based on please help.

Third, Sharia-based insurance will not cause debate and hostility between the company and the policyholder because the company in this case is only in charge of storing funds and not for profit.

By knowing some of the reasons above, it is also clear that many people choose Sharia life insurance because it is clearer and more valuable to Islam. You are certainly not prohibited to choose conventional insurance but it’s a good idea to also consider insurance that is more Islamic and implemented by Islamic law as well. Besides you can protect the life you can of course always carry out God’s commandments even in terms of choosing insurance.

Then which insurance companies offer insurance on a Shariah basis? Check-in advances the reputation of the company so that you can avoid choosing insurance from the wrong company.

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