Insurance guarantees peace of life

Insurance guarantees peace of life – No need to worry about the risk of
loss/damage to property, running out of money for health costs when sick,
losing the future because you do not have the funds to continue education, and
other potential losses that threaten yourself and your family because there is
insurance that can provide coverage against all these risks. 

You live in a world full of risks. Risks
always exist in personal or family life and can arise anytime and anywhere
without being noticed and expected. Various efforts are made by humans in order
to anticipate the risks that occur, such as avoiding, deleting, reducing,
limiting, or transferring these risks to other parties. You need to prepare an
anticipatory plan so that your life routine is not disrupted if these risks

Therefore, it is important for everyone to
anticipate the risks that may occur. One way is to transfer the risk to the
insurance company. The party transferring the risk (the insured) pays a premium
to the insurance company that accepts the risk (the insurer). Premium is an
obligation that must be paid from the insured to the insurer for the risk
transfer service. 

If you have life insurance for the
breadwinner, it means providing protection for the survival of the life and
children left behind. Health insurance will provide coverage for medical
personnel. Accident insurance will provide compensation or compensation when
there is death, total disability, or partial disability due to an accident
compensation for damage and destruction of property, such as houses,
businesses, and vehicles owned. Education insurance provides a certain amount
of funds that can be used for the cost of a child’s education until completing

Insurance provides peace of life because in case of confusion due to risks. will provide compensation and compensation.

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