In order not to make the wrong choice, prepare this list of questions when buying a car

In order not to make the wrong choice, prepare this list of questions when buying a car – Buying a new car is one of the biggest transactions that can affect your finances. This is because the price is not cheap, not even a few that match the price of a house. So bad luck if the vehicle purchased is different from the needs and expectations, regrets that feel can reach for many years to come. Therefore, for those of you who plan to buy a new vehicle, various considerations and detailed calculations need to be done.
The main thing you need to pay attention to when going to buy a car is only related to specifications and the budget that can be spent. If you plan to buy a car by credit, usually the car distributor will provide all-in-one services, namely financing facilities, car insurance, and life insurance.
This requires you to understand very well the condition, quality, and ability of what kind of car is needed and the needs of supporters to be better prepared to deal with unexpected situations that may occur in the future. Well, to choose the best car and car insurance products that are right and as needed, launch this question to related parties such as sales, dealers, and yourself.

1. What are the Specifications?

There are many types of four-wheeled vehicles to choose from, such as sedans, LCGC, multipurpose vehicles or MPVs, hatchbacks, to Sport Utility Vehicles, with a variety of features and advantages respectively. Find a car that suits your needs. After choosing the type of car, you need to find information about the price, specifications, fuel consumption, power engine capacity, as well as features available in the car, for example, entertainment, safety, driving support, and so on.
Only then adjust the excess specifications and features to the needs and comfort when driving. Do not hesitate to do a test drive so that the experience of driving a car can be felt.

2. What does the impression look like?

Knowing how the taste or impression of the car can certainly be done alone during the test drive. To add to the information you have, you can also look for references about the impression of the car from people you trust or automotive media reviews.

3. How is the After-Sales Service?

Like other types of vehicles, the car requires regular service so that its performance is maintained. For that, before buying a car, find out if the official workshop of the car model you want to buy is easy to find and how the parts are priced. Knowing how the emergency services or home service from the official workshop can also be asked. This is important to do because it is closely related to other aspects that you need to ask when planning to buy a car.

4. How is the Resale Value?

Every car sold in used conditions must experience significant price inequality. However, depending on the brand and type of vehicle, the difference in the price of used cars is not always the same, some immediately plummet, some are not too much different. Well, the difference in the price of the car when resold needs to be known so that there is not much loss when it is needed to sell it.

5. How is the Credit Facility?

Usually, car dealers provide financial facilities to consumers who buy cars, for example, leasing and car insurance. If these are two things you do not find when buying a car, maybe you need to find another dealer that provides. Another option is to go to a bank or leasing facility outside the dealership that can cover your purchase on credit.

6. How is the Insurance Coverage?

Each model or type of car usually has a price that varies. Well, car insurance premiums are broadly influenced by the purchase price of the car, although it also depends on the coverage of the protection. So, the more expensive the price of the car you have, the more expensive the premise of insurance that you have to pay every year.
In general, car insurance has two types, namely, total loss only or TLO, and comprehensive or all risk. As the name implies, TLO only covers protection when the vehicle is damaged by more than 75 percent or completely lost.
As for comprehensive or all risk, the vehicle protection provided includes all minor or severe damage. For this reason, it is not surprising that all-risk car insurance is usually more expensive than TLO.
Although car insurance only has two types, you can apply for expanded protection. One of them is the cost of maintenance of passengers such as uninsured motorist protection and personal injury protection. If you feel this protection you need, then there is no harm in asking for expansion on the car insurance.
In addition to the cost of care for passengers, the expansion of car insurance protection coverage can also be in the form of compensation to third parties due to accidents caused or liability insurance types. This additional insurance you may need to consider to be able to complete the benefits. But remember, the expansion of car insurance protection will also increase the burden of premiums that must be paid every year.

7. How is the Insurance After the Credit Period Is Over?

When the car loan is repaid, the period of protection from car insurance will usually end. Even so, as long as you still have a car, the risk of accidents or loss is still possible occur. For that, you need to consider extending the protection period of the insurance.
Generally, car insurance premiums remain the same as when the car loan is still running. However, you have the option to try other insurance providers that may be more suitable or within budget. If it is suitable, of course, there is no harm in staying every with car insurance that has been used.
Ready to Drive a Dream Car without Worry
As one type of asset that is fairly luxurious, everyone must consider from A to Z when going to buy a car, including when choosing insurance. Well, by asking the 7 questions above, you can become more understanding of the types, specifications, and features of the care needed, as well as the most suitable car insurance. That way, you are better prepared to drive your dream car without worry because you have gained protection.

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