Here Are 3 Benefits of Aviation Hull Aviation Insurance & Liability

Here Are 3 Benefits of Aviation Hull Aviation Insurance & Liability – Travel risks always lurk anywhere and anytime, air travel is no exception. Therefore, insurance coverage must be considered by airlines to protect each flight. In this case, the insurance that must be considered is flight insurance.

Flight insurance not only protects the flight crew who play an important role in each flight, but also the aircraft itself, as well as the losses that may be suffered by passengers and third parties. One type of aviation insurance that is most often utilized by airlines is aviation hull &liability flight insurance. What is aviation hull &liability aviation insurance?

Acquaintance with Aviation Hull Aviation Insurance Types & Liability from Tugu Insurance

Tugu Insurance as an insurance company provides comprehensive protection with aviation hull & liability flight insurance. The insurance provides protection or guarantees against loss or damage due to an accident to the insured’s aircraft for several objects, ranging from the frame of the aircraft, liability to third parties, and liability to passengers.

In addition to aviation hull & liability insurance, there is one other type of flight insurance, namely personal accident insurance. Although both are types of aviation insurance, personal accident insurance has fundamental differences regarding the object of coverage. This type of insurance covers losses against accidents that result in the pilot captain, co-pilot, cabin attendant, or technician being injured, disabled, and dying. Responsibility for the flight crew and passengers is an object that can be insured by personal accident insurance.

Benefits of Hull Aviation Insurance & Liability

Aviation hull & liability insurance covers losses for all flight-related activities. The following are some of the benefits of aviation hull & liability flight insurance that you can get.

Guarantee aircraft damage


This insurance will cover losses on the aircraft frame, both in the form of loss of the aircraft and damage arising from aviation accidents. 

Liability to passengers and third parties


When an aviation accident occurs, the insurer will protect the airline from losses arising from claims from passengers and third parties.

Indemnity for cargo


Insurance will also cover any losses in aviation accidents arising from the loss of cargo as a form of compensation to passengers and third parties.

What Risks Are Not Included in Aviation Hull & Liability?

Although it covers almost all risks of loss resulting from aviation accidents, there are several risks that are not included in aviation hull & liability insurance. Here are the risks that are not covered in this insurance:

  1. When the aircraft is outside predetermined geographical boundaries, except as a result of force majeure;
  2. When the aircraft is used for illegal purposes or use;
  3. When the aircraft is used by other transporters;
  4. When the aircraft is being associated with a means of transport, except as a result of an accident that gives rise to a claim;
  5. When the aircraft lands in a place that does not comply with the recommendations of the aircraft manufacturer, unless it results from force majeure;
  6. When the number of passengers is more than the maximum number of passengers on the aircraft;
  7. In the event of war, riots, piracy, and others that cause accidents;
  8. Nuclear risk;
  9. the aircraft was piloted by a pilot who did not fit the policy overview.


That is the understanding as well as the benefits of aviation hull & liability aviation insurance. To guarantee protection from losses due to aviation accidents, it is highly recommended for airlines to supplement each flight trip with flight insurance.

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