Duties and Functions of a Attorney

Duties and Functions of a Attorney – A lawyer or legal adviser is a graduate lawyer who studies, applies, develops, or deals with the law. A lawyer can carry out various professions in the legal world, including the lawyer, corporate lawyer, tax lawyer, bailiff, legal adviser, legal assistant, notary, public prosecutor, judge, etc.

What do lawyers do?

Lawyers represent the legal interests of clients and try to resolve disputes as effectively as possible. They also have an advisory role and stay in touch with associates. During the procedure, they prepare procedural documents, file a case with the court, and correspond with the judicial authorities. Further, the following general duties can be defined for which the lawyer is responsible:

  • Analyze and outline legal issues
  • Explaining the rules in law
  • Systematic structuring of laws (analyzing and identifying systematic problems)
  • Interpret and/or enforce current laws and regulations or draw up new rules for situations where no laws and regulations have yet been created
  • Defining, creating, and using legal concepts
  • Elaboration and use of rewards, assessments, classifications, and theories
  • Derive the principles in judicial law
  • To decide or resolve disputes between opposing parties
  • Providing information about the legal system or other legal issues through the media and/or public speeches
  • Analyze, study and describe facts and events
  • Debate or oppose resolutions, interpretations, evidence (acceptable), etc.
  • Reflect legal values, facts, and evidence (forwarding judgments/opinions, advising lawyers and judges, etc.)
  • Predicting what judges can do
  • Authenticate or criticize the political system
  • Learn, transfer and disseminate knowledge

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Where do lawyers work?

Since lawyers can carry out many professions, their work environment is very diverse. Many lawyers work in courts and law offices and as notaries, but also many government companies and agencies (such as the Tax Authority) employ lawyers. There is also legal counsel who has independent offices. Colleagues who deal with lawyers, for example, legal assistants, civil law notaries, lawyers, and public prosecutors.

How did you become a lawyer?

A person who wants to become a lawyer can attend higher professional education in Law or a law degree. The latter are offered in Amsterdam (UvA and VU), Groningen, Leiden, Maastricht, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Tilburg and Utrecht.

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