Don’t Panic, Here Are 4 Steps to Claim Car Insurance After Experiencing Harm

Don’t Panic, Here Are 4 Steps to Claim Car Insurance After Experiencing Harm – No vehicle owner wants to have an accident. Of course, this cannot be predicted, but there is nothing wrong with knowing the steps that must be taken after an accident, one of which is taking care of insurance claims.

“When buying a new Toyota car at Auto2000 Digiroom or the nearest Auto2000 branch, taking out vehicle insurance is a wise move to make AutoFamily feel safer and calmer. Vehicle insurance will be very helpful when an AutoFamily car is damaged due to an accident or is lost stolen,” explained Nur Imansyah Tara, Aftersales Business Division Head of Auto2000, in an official statement received by  

You can learn how to make a correct insurance claim so that the damage to the car can be covered by the insurance provider. Here are the tips:  

1. Immediately Contact Car Insurance  

The first step is to report the incident of loss or accident to the insurance branch closest to the scene, and even some insurances have implemented an online reporting system. Reporting is the most important step because the sooner you apply for it, the easier it will be to submit a car insurance claim. Therefore, make sure to report it immediately a maximum of 3 days after the incident.

2. Prepare Evidence of Accident or Loss  

This step will be proof that the breakdown or loss of the car is not something planned. If your car has suffered damage, then the evidence that can be prepared can be a photo of the damaged body panels. Meanwhile, if it is lost, the evidence that can be prepared is in the form of CCTV footage if available.  

3. Explain the Complete Chronology and In Detail  

The clearer and more detailed the chronology of events, the easier the insurance claim process will be. Make sure you answer the questions calmly and not convoluted so that they are easy to understand.  

4. Complete the Car Insurance Claim Requirements  

The fourth stage is to prepare vehicle document data, such as car registration and driver’s license, as well as a valid vehicle insurance policy. Make sure all these letters are still valid at the time of the incident because if the letters are ‘dead’, then the insurance claim can be rejected.  

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