Critical Illness Insurance? Check Here!

Critical Illness Insurance? Check Here! – For the sake of a life that must go on, everyone must find a way to survive. One of the things that the majority of people do is work. By working, we get a reward in the form of a salary that can be used to make ends meet. 

Even working from morning to evening or evening becomes an unavoidable routine. The routine is certainly done not only for yourself but for the sake of your beloved family. 

But unfortunately, instead of working hard and productively to make your loved ones happy, you forget to love yourself. Loving yourself can be done by keeping the body in good shape and healthy. 

In addition, you also need other preventive measures, namely by preparing critical illness insurance for yourself. Why? It must be realized and is undeniable that mental health is very influential on physical health. 

When work accumulates, for example, you have the potential to feel stressed which then weakens the immune system, making it susceptible to disease. This of course could be the next source of illness arising due to several factors such as genetic factors, strict diet, and the use of stress and anxiety relief drugs. 

Therefore, you need such a thing as critical illness insurance. This is a type of health insurance that has additional benefits and is much more specific, such as providing benefits in the form of the sum insured to customers if they are diagnosed with a critical illness. That’s because we both know that when diagnosed with a critical illness, the costs that must be incurred are not small. 

Well, generally the types of critical illnesses associated with this type of insurance are example heart disease, stroke, cancer, kidney failure, diabetes, meningitis, and other types of critical illnesses. In addition, the reasons for choosing critical illness insurance. Therefore, to let you know more clearly, let’s read the following tips for choosing critical illness insurance:

1. Range of Protection

As the name implies, critical illness insurance protects against critical illness. Make sure you understand the range of protection provided, such as what types of critical illnesses are included in the protection coverage. 

Then, the extent to which protection is given, whether the protection is given since critical illness in the early stage or when it has entered the advanced stage only. Then, what kind of protection is provided: whether it is compensation or reimbursement of medical expenses, and so on. 

Oh yes, what you need to remember, is the wider the critical illness protection provided, the premiums charged will most likely be more expensive. In order not to burden personal finances, choose the critical illness insurance that is most effective at protecting.

2. Understand the Benefits Obtained

Before deciding to take out insurance, make sure you have learned what benefits will be obtained. The first critical illness insurance benefit is to supplement the insurance benefit. 

If you have health insurance, this type of insurance can indeed provide health protection. However, this insurance can be limited to types of diseases that are fairly severe or critical. 

If we are exposed to a disease that is classified as critical, the cost of treatment needed will certainly be greater than ordinary types of diseases, right? And if we don’t have insurance to cover these costs, of course, finances can become a mess. To reduce this risk of getting seriously ill, you need critical illness insurance as a complement to health care needs

3. Choose Optimal Protection

There are critical illness insurances that protect up to a maximum age of 100 years. There are also those below that. Well, even though there are now more and more productive age groups who are affected by critical illnesses, it does not mean that the elderly bear less risk. 

The older the age, the higher the risk of developing a critical illness. So, it will be more optimal if you choose critical illness insurance with a maximum protection period. The critical illness insurance recommendation is FWD Insurance which has a critical illness insurance product, namely FWD Critical Armor. 

The product allows customers to claim up to three times out of 50 major critical illness types and once out of 15 minor critical illness types. FWD Critical Armor is equipped with premium exemption benefits, death benefits, and premium returns with a total benefit of up to 420% of the sum insured. 

In addition, FWD Insurance also has an affordable online cancer insurance product, FWD Cancer Protection which comes with an end-to-end digital process from purchase to claim process. 

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