Confused about Choosing Insurance, Here Are 7 Types of Insurance for You!

Many people feel that they don’t need
insurance yet. Even though insurance is a financial safety net. Without
insurance, your personal financial condition can be easily shaken if financial
risks occur.

That’s why National Insurance Day is held
every October 18, in order to find out

In addition, choosing insurance that is
suitable for you is also not an easy thing. You must be able to consider
various factors, such as the premium price that must be paid, the benefits
received, and whether the protection is suitable for your needs.

On this National Insurance Day, the Super
You Team has prepared 7 types of basic insurance that may be suitable for you.
Come on, read which one suits you!

What is Insurance, Why Is It Important?

Insurance is an agreement between the
Insurer (the insurance company) and the Insured (the customer whose risk is

The agreement states that the Insured is
obliged to pay contributions (premiums) to the Insurer, and if there is a
financial risk, the Insurer will provide a large amount of the sum insured to
the Insured. All this is regulated in the insurance policy.

Insurance is important because its function
that can divert financial risks that may occur to you. That way, you don’t need
to have liquid funds other than an emergency fund. Insurance also guarantees
the economic stability of the individual who owns it.

7 Types of Insurance You Might Need

There are various types of insurance in
Indonesia. However, the type of insurance required depends on various factors.
For example, your age, marital status, and the risks you have to bear.

We will explain the following 7 basic

1. Health Insurance

Health insurance is insurance that covers
health risks, such as the cost of hospital bills. This type of insurance is
considered one of the basic insurance that must be owned by all groups. Because
anyone, young or old, can be at risk of developing the disease.

The benefits of health insurance can be:

  • Reimbursement of outpatient bill costs;
  • Daily compensation for hospitalization
  • Coverage for operating costs;
  • Coverage for death.
  • Suitable for: Everyone.

Of course, there are various types of
health insurance. Therefore, you must first learn which health insurance is
suitable for you.

2. Life Insurance

Life insurance is a type of insurance that
covers the risk of death. Everyone will definitely die one day. However, the
risk of sudden death, especially among the breadwinner, can lead to a loss of
income for one family.

Therefore, the function of life insurance
is to provide financial support if a person can no longer provide for his
family, whether due to death or others.

The benefits of life insurance can be:

  • Money is given when there is a risk of
    death, or
  • Money is given when the Insured is no
    longer able to work due to the risk of Total and Permanent Disability.
  • Suitable for: Those of you who are married,

3. Education Insurance

Education insurance is insurance that
guarantees the provision of money for your child’s schooling. Because education
continues to increase, there is nothing wrong with starting to plan with
education insurance.

Benefits provided:

  • Cash according to the specified time,
    usually can be arranged according to when your child enters school.
  • Suitable for: New parents, couples who
    already have children.

4. Accident Insurance

Personal accident insurance is insurance
that covers the financial risk of an accident, be it the cost of an operating
bill or coverage for accidental death. Usually, this accident insurance covers
only people, not vehicles.

Benefits provided:

  • Cash on the risk of accidental death;
  • Reimbursement of surgical expenses or other
    hospital bills due to injury.
  • Suitable for: Young people, especially
    those who often travel or ride motorcycles.

5. Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is insurance that protects
you from the risks that exist while you are on the go. This insurance is
usually only paid once, not routinely per month like other insurance.

In addition, usually, this one insurance
has been used as a package with the travel ticket you bought. Whether it’s a
plane or a train, of course, there is already an option with travel insurance.

Benefits obtained:

  • Guarantees for the safety of baggage;
  • Guaranteed on-time departure;
  • Cash in case of risk of an accident;
  • Reimbursement of emergency medical
  • Suitable for: Those of you who need to
    travel far.

6. Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle insurance is a type of general
insurance that covers the financial risks to your personal vehicle. Whether it
is a car or a motorcycle vehicle.

Usually, this vehicle insurance is offered
at the same time as the purchase of a vehicle. However, you can also buy them
separately to weigh which one suits your needs.

The benefits provided are in the form of
coverage of vehicle damage costs for:

  • Risk of accidents;
  • Risk of break-in/theft;
  • Risk of natural disasters (floods, hail,
    and others);
  • Risks of terrorism, riots, riots, and
  • Suitable for: Owners of private vehicles.

7. Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance is a type of
insurance that protects you from the risk of critical illness, such as cancer,
heart attack, and stroke. Unlike health insurance, critical illness insurance
only protects you from the risk of certain diseases.

Usually, the coverage is in the form of a
large amount of cash given at once (lump sum payment) or full coverage of
medical expenses until it is recovered.

Such benefits are provided when:

  • The insured is diagnosed with a critical
  • The insured must undergo critical illness
  • The insured died of a critical illness.

Suitable for: Those of you who have major
risk factors for critical illness, especially if there is a family history.
Even though you are still young, you can anticipate heart attacks, stroke
symptoms, and cancer.

Insurance doesn’t need to be expensive

You can try to find the type of insurance
that matches you with Super You online insurance. Super You has 3 advantages
over other insurance, namely

Cheap: Starting from only Rp30,000 per
month, the price can be adjusted according to your needs. You can also mix
several types of insurance in one account.

Easy: You can buy an insurance policy
through a website without any intermediaries. It only needs the Insured’s ID
card and the Heir’s ID card, and a few clicks.

Fast: No need to send documents or anything, the e-policy can be accessed immediately when you have made a payment transaction.

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