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Best cheap motorbike insurance | Most states have some sort of “financial responsibility” requirement if you own a motorcycle and intend to ride it on public roads. This means that if you cause an accident, damage property, or injure someone, you may be held responsible. Most bikers purchase motorcycle insurance to comply with financial responsibility laws.

Similar to auto insurance, motorcycle insurance provides coverage for injuries, other property damage, and vehicle damage. If you have auto insurance, you’ll notice that terms for liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage are similar.

Similar to how claims for auto insurance are handled, so is that for motorcycle insurance. You must notify your insurance provider and submit a claim if your car is damaged or stolen. After reviewing the incident, the insurance provider chooses the payout amount.

State-specific requirements for motorcycle insurance vary, but they are generally the same as those for auto insurance. You must have insurance that meets state requirements, but if you can afford it, more is preferable.

You should typically make sure you have sufficient liability insurance and guest passenger liability insurance when creating your motorcycle insurance policy. These coverages pay for third parties’ injuries and/or property damage in the event that you cause an accident. Buying enough liability insurance to cover what you might lose in a lawsuit is a good general rule of thumb.

What is covered by motorcycle insurance?

You can choose from a variety of insurance types when creating a motorcycle insurance policy to cover a variety of issues. Here are some of the most typical motorcycle insurance options.

1. Liability protection.

Almost all states require this basic form of insurance, which pays for the harm and losses you cause to others. In the event that you cause an accident and someone is injured, for instance, liability will pay the injured person’s medical expenses up to the limits of your policy. Additionally, it will cover any property damage you cause to others, like car dents.

If someone sues you as a result of an accident, liability insurance also covers the cost of your legal defense.

Low-limit liability insurance is a way to lower your insurance costs, but it might end up costing you much more in the long run. Even if you have no more insurance, other people may still sue you if you cause an accident that results in costly injuries and/or property damage.

2. Passenger liability for visitors.

This insurance covers the medical costs of your passenger in the event that you cause an accident while riding a motorcycle. Typically, if you weren’t the cause of the accident, this coverage won’t be applicable. In those circumstances, you and/or your passengers may file a claim for your medical expenses with the at-fault driver’s liability insurance.

Guest passenger liability is an optional coverage in some states but required in others. Asking your insurance agent how to get guest passenger liability is a good idea because it may be available separately or as part of your liability coverage.

3. Coverage for uninsured drivers.

If a driver who doesn’t have insurance hits you, your medical bills will be covered by uninsured motorist coverage (um). Similar coverage is available underinsured motorist (uim), which pays when the at-fault driver carries some but insufficient insurance. In general, having um and uim coverage is a good idea.

4. Medical payments (medpay) coverage

No matter who caused the accident, Medpay coverage helps cover your and your passenger’s medical expenses. Medpay may cover the following, depending on your state and insurance provider:

  • Emergency medical and ambulance costs.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Services provided by licensed nurses.
  • Deductibles and copayments for health insurance.
  • Prescriptions.

Although medical expenses are typically covered by health insurance, medpay can be a useful coverage because it also covers copays and deductibles.

5. Personal injury protection (pip)

In comparison to medpay, pip insurance offers more coverage. No matter who was at fault for the collision, pip coverage will cover your and your passenger’s medical costs. This includes medical costs like doctor and hospital bills, as well as lost wages if you are unable to work and replacement services for jobs you are unable to perform, like housecleaning. Pip can also cover these costs.

In some states, Pip is required, in others it is optional, and in still others it is not offered. If your state offers both pip and medpay, pip is usually the better choice because it can cover more things, like lost wages.

A. Collision insurance

Collision insurance covers repairs if your motorcycle sustains damage as a result of a collision with a vehicle, tree, or structure. Do not forget that collision insurance does not cover harm you cause to another person’s property. Your liability insurance covers any harm you cause to third parties.

You will typically have a deductible if you need to submit a claim for an issue that your collision insurance will cover. A deductible is a sum taken out of the claim payment.

B. Complete protection from risk.

It is a good idea to have comprehensive insurance because it protects against a variety of issues, including motorcycle theft, vandalism, falling objects (like a tree branch), fire, floods, and hail. If you need to make a comprehensive insurance claim, you will have a deductible just like with collision insurance.

Cheap motorcycle insurance providers

1. Dairyland

For riders who use their motorcycle as their primary mode of transportation, Dairyland is the best option due to its roadside assistance and rental reimbursement coverage. Owners of dairyland policies can feel secure knowing that fuel, fluid, oil, or water refills are only a phone call away thanks to emergency roadside assistance coverage. Additionally covered are services for mechanical or electrical issues, flat tires, bad batteries, and towing if repairs are required.

An accident or breakdown can ruin a rider’s life when they use their bike to commute to work or for daily tasks. During the time that their motorcycle is being repaired, Dairyland helps to defray the cost of a rental car.

2. Markel

Since Markel has been providing motorcycle insurance for more than 40 years, it is accustomed to the requirements of riders. Hobbyists who own multiple vehicles can save money with Markel, which also offers coverage for a variety of motorcycle models.

If a policyholder has multiple motorcycle insurance policies with markel, the multi-vehicle discount lowers their quote. Markel is the ideal choice for anyone with a vintage motorcycle who is having trouble finding coverage elsewhere because it offers more motorcycle types of insurance than many other insurers.

3. Harley-davidson

For new riders, Harley-Davidson is the best provider of motorcycle insurance. Harley-Davidson provides a one-stop shop for insurance, bike loans, and extended service plans if you’re insuring your first motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson is a company that specializes in motorcycle insurance as well as related goods like parts, bike loans, and insurance for planned maintenance. For even more savings, new riders can combine these goods and services with the business’s motorcycle safety course discount.

The company has one of the best selections of motorcycle types it covers, and its discounts are only surpassed by progressive. Along with the standard coverage options, it also offers a respectable selection of add-ons, such as equipment replacement cost coverage for minor accidents and full replacement cost coverage in the event of a total loss.

4. Foremost

Farmers Insurance’s subsidiary, First Insurance, provides much of the same coverage, but with a better online experience and more favorable terms for its insurance products.

The provider offers three coverage tiers—plus, elite, and saver—that can be combined to meet your needs. All three plans offer first-accident forgiveness as well as varying amounts of coverage for safety gear like helmets and clothing.


The best motorcycle insurer for you will depend on your unique requirements, the type of motorcycle you own, your riding style, and where you live.

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