Advantages And Disadvantages Of Matic Cars That Need To Be Known Before Buying Them

Matic car

The current existence of the Matic car cannot be regarded as one eye. In the market, this car has sprung up a lot with various types that can be selected according to consumer needs. Matic cars are usually more suitable for motorists who are not often hunted for time and enjoy vacationing with family.

For those of you who are considering buying a Matic car, here are some advantages and disadvantages of Matic cars that need to be known. Arbitrary?

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Advantages of Matic Cars

There are three advantages of Matic cars that you can feel, namely as follows:

1. Easy to Drive

This is the advantage of Matic cars that are the attraction of many people. You don’t need to bother or bother changing gears because the work system is automatic. You just have to pull the gas and brakes to operate it.

2. Save Energy

Still connecting with the advantages of the Matic car above, driving a Matic car means saving power. The reason is, this type of car only requires gas and brakes. While for manual cars, their use must always move the clutch and gear if you want to increase or decrease the speed while on the road.

3. When It’s Stuck There Is No Need to Keep Stepping on the Clutch

If you drive a manual car on a congested road like Jakarta, then you will get sick quickly, especially for novice drivers. The reason is, on congested roads, you need to often play the clutch, gears, and handbrake. While in Matic cars, when the condition is stuck you only need to rely on the gas pedal on the right foot and the brakes on the left foot.

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Disadvantages of Matic Cars

Meanwhile, there are 5 disadvantages of Matic cars, such as the information below:

1. Not Equipped with Brake Engine

The braking system applied to the Matic engine is also actually one of the shortcomings. The reason, the Matic car cannot take advantage of the brake engine braking technique is because it is not equipped with gear gears. This technique is a braking step by lowering the speed of the engine.

In manual cars, the brake engine is usually able to lower the high gear directly to the low gear. While in the Matic car this cannot be done. Therefore, if you are driving on a downhill road, the driver of the Matic car must be ready with the brakes because it will be used more often.

2. Requires a High Cost for Treatment

The shortage of Matic cars also often costs a lot of maintenance. Usually, Matic car users have to change the oil more often because the turnaround is done automatically. The factor of at least workshops or technicians who have expertise in fixing Matic car problems also makes maintenance costs expensive. In addition, usually, the price of parts for Matic cars is more expensive when something is damaged and needs to be replaced new.

3. Fast Fuel Runs Out

The most perceived lack of Matic cars is the speed of fuel depletion aka wasteful. The reason is that the engine rotation tends to be done more often when in use. This condition also makes the use of fuel so quickly run out.

4. Low Selling Price But More Expensive Buy Price

Unfortunately, Matic cars are often priced at relatively high prices on the market compared to manual cars because new Matic cars can provide quite an excessive comfort. Not only that, but the selling price is also low. The reason is, people often suspect that used Matic cars have experienced some problems and the cost of repairing them is also very high and difficult to repair.

5. Less Reliable on The Uphill and Downhill Streets

One of the other shortcomings of the Matic car, namely still lacks acceleration when used on uphill or downhill roads, so that if you are not proficient in driving the Matic car can endanger yourself and other motorists.

Hopefully knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the Matic car above can help you consider it before buying. 

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