7 Tips for Caring for a White Car to Always Look Shiny

7 Tips for Caring for a White Car to Always Look Shiny – A few years ago the white color on cars was not a favorite. Many assume that this color quickly gets dirty. But later the white color is a favorite, considered to have a more scary and elegant look if aligned with a dark-colored car. The white look that wraps around the exterior of the car presents a brilliant impression for every pair of eyes that look at it.

Behind it all, some consequences must be borne for the owner of a white car. They have to accept the fact that caring for a white car is different from the color of other cars. White car maintenance requires special attention so that the color of the car remains clean and does not look dull. What are the treatments? Let’s look at the tips for caring for a white car below.

1. Do not dry the car under the hot sun directly

Nowadays, to get a shady parking location wherever you travel is indeed difficult. Sometimes we have to fight with others. If you face problems like this, to take care of a white car staying awake from UV rays, look for parking that is not exposed to direct sunlight such as under shady trees. Although the translucent sun passes through the gap of the leaves, the most important thing is that the sunlight does not shine directly at the car.

In addition, if at home there is no garage in the house or shady trees, you are allowed to cover the car with a car cover that is equipped with a UV light antidote. However, you should make sure not to be lazy to cover the fabric of the car when the car is not in use and take it off again when it will be used.

2. Avoid washing directly in the sun

Not only white cars, but this point applies to all colors and types of cars. In general, people prefer to wash their cars in direct sunlight rather than in a garage or a closed place. In the hope that the car will dry faster due to the help of sunlight. Even though it’s wrong.

Washing the car in the sun will accelerate the change in the color of car paint and can make it fade. Why is that so? When washing the car using special car shampoo, it is not directly rinsed instead. Well, the time from cleaning the body with shampoo to rinsing can make the shampoo dry quickly if washing the car in the hot sun and can cause mold. The best solution is to wash the car in a shady place. Unless you wash it using only water without soap or shampoo, it doesn’t matter.

3. Use the correct car washing technique

The time between the application of soap or car shampoo and the time of rinsing is very important in washing the car. If you are late in rinsing the rest of the soap can speed up the drying process of certain parts of the car that are still foaming. Therefore, it’s good if you rinse first the parts that have been exposed to soap before moving to clean other parts of the car. The goal is so that there is no residual foam or soap that sticks and dries on the car body so that the car paint is not damaged.

4. Use special soaps and shampoos

Well, how to take care of a white car and other car colors is the use of shampoo or soap when washing the car. Never use soap that is not recommended for washing the car such as laundry soap, and other soaps. The use of soap that is not by its function will quickly damage the car paint. It is highly recommended to use soap and also special shampoos that are made and intended for washing cars. That way the car paint will be maintained cleanliness and color can last for a long period.

5. Rinse correctly and thoroughly

The flushing process when washing the car is one way to take care of white cars and other color cars. The goal is to avoid spots of soap or shampoo when washing the car. The right way is to rinse in one direction, where the entire surface of the body is rinsed periodically from top to bottom. In addition, applying rinsing from top to bottom will avoid dirt gripped in the gap of the car that will later make it difficult for you.

6. Use a washcloth with good absorption

The use of a washcloth with good absorption will help speed up the drying of the white car that you have after finishing washing. The fundamental difference is drying using a rag and direct drying by utilizing sunlight. The use of a washcloth will not leave patches of water that dry out, while the use of sunlight will leave patches of water that dry out.

7. Do polishing

Washing the car is not enough to keep the white car clean and shiny. You have to routinely do polishing so that the car can sparkle like new. Polishing will also remove the sticking mold, which can prevent the paint from peeling off. Well, those are some ways to maintain and care for a white car always clean and look like new. With pandemic conditions like now, the tips above you can do yourself at home.

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