7 Things Not to Do When Driving a Manual Car

7 Things Not to Do When Driving a Manual Car – Manual car drivers are often stamped as motorists who have good skills, in contrast to Matic car drivers. Naturally, driving in a manual car has a higher level of difficulty. Drivers are also often bothered with three different pedal positions whose study time can take weeks.

After you graduate to learn to drive a manual car, don’t be arrogant just yet. You see, the drivers of these cars are often found to do things that should not be done when driving a manual car. To keep driving safely to the destination, seven important points must be noted and avoided as much as possible. Including:

7 Things Not to Do When Driving a Manual Car

7 Things Not to Do When Driving a Manual Car

Here is some prohibition information when driving.

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1. Stepping on clutch and gas when stopping the car

Driving on congested roads is a challenge. The driver should also be more careful to give stop-and-go commands on the clutch pedal. However, some drivers often mistakenly step on the clutch and gas pedals at the same time when they want to stop the car. This is very dangerous for safety.

If the clutch and gas are stepped on simultaneously, the existing car transmission becomes damaged faster. In addition, the car can also bounce because the gas pressure is too great.

2. Leaving the Foot Position on the Clutch Pedal Continuously

Many riders often put their foot on the clutch pedal at a red light. The reason is very simple is to always be ready to be on standby when the red light changes to the green light, so driving is much faster. If the principle is like this, it is very wrong.

Putting your foot on the clutch pedal is tantamount to putting pressure on the pedal itself. Although the pressure is very small, because there is no command to move the car, the clutch pedal can wear out faster. In addition, to quickly wear out, the engine also becomes more wasteful of fuel.

3. Relying Too Much on Brake Function

Some drivers only rely on the brakes when they want to stop the car. It’s okay, but the driver can also rely on the brake engine. The goal is only one is to reduce the load on the brakes, so that the life is longer, fuel consumption becomes more efficient.

4. Pressing The Gas To Hit When RPM Is Low

This habit is called kick down. Most motorists press the gas until it is stuck so that the car can go at maximum speed. Pressing the gas when rpm is low can shorten the life of the engine and transmission of the car. If you want to increase the speed, it is better to change the position of the teeth gradually, not pressing the gas until it sticks.

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5. Using Perfunctory Transmission to Increase Speed

This point has become the habit of most car drivers. Stepping on the teeth perfunctorily turns out to be harmful to the machine and safety. Speeding with perfunctory teeth will also increase fuel consumption, so the car becomes more wasteful. It’s good if the driver uses the right gear to increase the speed so that the vibration of the car engine remains smooth.

6. Pressing the Clutch When Braking

There are drivers who intentionally or unintentionally press the clutch when they start braking. This is not necessary because the function of the clutch is not actually to brake, but rather to disconnect between the engine and the transmission. If this is often done, there is a car engine that will bear a heavier burden that can cause the wheels of the car to be separated from the brake pads and brake engines.

7. Moving the Transmission Without Pressing the Clutch Pedal

This is one of the habits of people who are just learning to ride in a manual car. But, this incident can also occur in people who have often driven manual cars. When you want to move the transmission, you should press the clutch pedal first so that the age of the car gear remains durable and durable.

These are 7 things you should not do when driving a manual car. One point that is no less important is to keep concentration while driving, especially when moving the transmission lever. If you lose concentration, bad events are inevitable.

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